5 reasons you can't miss Lake of the Woods this year!

5 reasons you can't miss Lake of the Woods this year!

1. As Lake of the Woods straddles the Canada/US border, it is one of the very first lakes in Northwestern Ontario to thaw in spring. This early ice-out allows the water to begin warming up, the fish to become active, and guarantees some of the best spring fishing anywhere in Canada. The ice in Sabaskong Bay, where Duck Bay Lodge is located, went out April 25th. Look to a great walleye opener and catching big northern pike in the shallows as the fish begin feeding aggressively after a long winter.

2. Our Lake of the Woods resort is less than an hour from the U.S. border. No matter where you're from, you'll be fishing the same day you leave home!

3. Lake of the Woods fishing has all of Ontario's 5 major species - walleye, muskie, northern pike, smallmouth bass and lake trout. One lake. Lots of variety. You won't find that on smaller lakes.

4. If you're into fishing for trophy muskies, you already know they are a predominant species on Lake of the Woods. And that muskies don't exist too much further north.

5. 65,000 miles of shoreline. 14,550 islands. Welcome to fishing paradise. There is always a new "hot spot" waiting to be discovered. So if you're planning on fishing Canada this year, Lake of the Woods is the place!