Border update on May 21, 2021

Border update on May 21, 2021

Early Season Trips

We have only been providing border updates that are known to be true, and at this juncture we do not know when the border will open. But there are many indications the border will open this summer. This optimism is coming, in part, from the medical community and also from the tourism industry’s meetings with government. But the question is exactly when. Although we do hear industry news about issues and solutions being discussed with government, we do not hear “official” decisions until they are released by the government and becomes public knowledge.

So, for those of you with early season trips, the grim reality of the border continuing to be closed is fast approaching. The US/Canada border closure date stands at June 21st. Because there is no federal or provincial date for a possible reopening yet, we want to be proactive and give you some options for the trips you have scheduled.


If you have a reservation for 2021 and are uncomfortable waiting for the border to open, we would like to present the following options:

Plan A: you keep your 2021 reservation and with a little luck, the border will open and we’ll see you soon.
Plan B: is to keep your 2021 reservation and make a backup 2022 reservation should we not be open for your 2021 dates.
Plan C: is to move your reservation directly to 2022. Simply let us know, and we’ll make the requested changes.

We thank all of our loyal guests for sticking with us during these trying times, and we look forward to seeing everyone as soon as we can.