Fishing is HOT!

Fishing is HOT!

We opened for the season just a few days ago.  The weather has been beautiful - a mix of sun and cloud, with daytime temperatures in the 60's and low 70's. 

As happens so often in spring and early summer, large walleyes are being caught in quantity.  They are being caught in 15 - 17 feet of water, and northern pike are in shallower water in bays.  

Here is something that we absolutely love to hear.  Guest Dave Neumann (Colorado Springs, CO) said that as his trip went on, he was wearing down and getting tired from catching so many fish!  On Monday, Dave and friend Jason Webber caught over 150 fish, 8 of the walleyes were over 20 inches!  Some of this weeks other nice catches are:

  • Matt Hughes (Batavia, IL), a 22 ½ inch walleye
  • KC Cannon (Chelsea, AL), a 35 ½ inch northern
  • Steve Strand, Erik Olson & Larry Olson, 112 northerns in one day;  sometimes all 3 had a fish on at the same time!
  • Dixie Boring (Brainerd, MN),an 18 ½ inch smallmouth bass
  • Deanna Nelson (Brainerd, MN), a 31 ½ inch northern
  • Gene Duerst (Minocqua, WI), a 26 inch walleye and 18 inch smallmouth bass
  • Connor Hurley (Edina, MN), 26 and 22 ½ inch walleyes
  • Jason Webber (Colorado Springs, CO), a 24 inch walleye (pictured above)
  • Nikolai Duerst (Wausau, WI), a 20 inch walleye
  • Cullen Hurley (Edina, MN), a 26 inch walleye and a 36 inch northern on a jig and minnow
  • Stephan Duerst (Mission, KS), a 20 inch walleye and a 31 inch northern
  • Dave Neumann (Colorado Springs, CO), a 26 ½ inch walleye
  • Anders Olson (Windsor Heights), a 26 inch walleye and 18 inch smallmouth bass
  • Logan Duerst (Wausau, WI), a 25 ½ inch walleye

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