Fishing report August 11 - 17

Fishing report August 11 - 17

The fishing is good right close to Duck Bay Lodge! Pictured are staff Kerry Taylor and Bethany Strebchuk with a 47 inch muskie caught off the dock one evening.

The week starts out with perfect fishing weather - a mix of sun and cloud, light winds and temperatures in the low 70's. There is a hint of fall in the air overnight with temperatures dropping into the low 60's and high 50's. This weeks nice catches are:

Brian Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), a 43 inch muskie and 38 inch northern

John Van Cleave (Cincinnati, OH), a 40 ½ inch muskie, 16 ½ inch smallmouth and 39 ½, 38 and 36 inch northerns

Robert Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), 37 ½ and 36 inch northerns and a 17 inch smallmouth

Kathy Rowland (Mattoon, IL), a 27 inch walleye

Jon Parlier (La Grange, IL), a 13 ½ inch crappie and 16 ½ inch smallmouth

Tom Moran (Indian Head Park, IL), a 14 ¾ inch crappie and 23 inch walleye

Tim Schultz (Pesotum, IL) & Larry Tracy (Covington, IN) caught in one day 38 ½, 38, 37, 35, 34, 32 and 31 inch northerns plus a bunch of smaller ones

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney and Larry Tracy (Covington, IN), a 48 ½ inch muskie