Fishing report August 12 - 18:

Fishing report August 12 - 18:

Isn't this a gorgeous picture of evening fishing? Photo is courtesy of guest Steve Trudeau.

Our funny summer weather continues. Temperatures go from cool to too hot, then back again. Last week some highs were in the low 70's, this week starts with temperatures in the 90's. Some of this weeks' nice catches are:

Kristen Blissenbach (Woodbury, MN), 26, 23 and 19 inch walleyes

Karen Fuson (Indianapolis, IN), a 19 inch walleye

Stacy Hanson (Woodbury, MN), an 18 inch walleye

Brian Harford (Morton Grove, IL), a 21 inch walleye

Tom Penio (Elk Grove Village, IL), a 20 inch walleye

Dale Thompson & Steve Chies (Minneapolis, MN), 61 walleyes in one day

Daryl Copeland (Greenwood, IN), a 22 inch walleye

Tim Weaver (Indianapolis, IN), an 18 inch smallmouth

Rick Fuson (Indianapolis, IN), a 20 inch walleye

Erica Copeland (Greenwood, IN), an 18 inch smallmouth