Fishing report August 18 - 24

Fishing report August 18 - 24

Pictured is Kathy Rowland (with guide Kerry Taylor) and Kathy's very first muskie ever! An impressive catch at 46 ½ inches; Kathy also caught a 38 inch muskie during the trip. Kathy's husband Bill caught a 47 inch muskie and helped land guide Kerry's 39 ½ inch muskie.

Some of the other nice catches this week are:

Dwayne Gunter (Franklin, TN), a 39 ½ inch muskie

Phil Sobol (Nolensville, TN), a 14 inch crappie

Stewart Haka (Fort Hood, TX), 40 and 36 inch muskies fly-fishing!

Bruce Eisenberg (McKinney, TX), a 28 inch walleye

Jordan Haka (Chicago, IL), a 20 inch walleye

Jacob Eisenberg (McKinney, TX), his first muskie ever - 48 inches!

Skip Alexander (Channahon, IL), a 22 ½ inch walleye

Ben Eisenberg (McKinney, TX), a 20 ½ inch smallmouth bass

Duck Bay guide Kerry, a 14 ½ inch crappie

Carol Watkins (Sheridan, WY), a 19 inch walleye

Dimitrios Maravelas (Lindenhurst, IL), a 40 inch muskie

Diana & Terry Buelow (Hebron, KY), 20 walleyes in one day

Jane Murphy (Ramsey, MN), a 13 inch crappie

Pat Murphy (Ramsey, MN), a 24 inch walleye

Diana Beulow (Hebron, KY), a 21 inch walleye

Lin Brownell (Wyoma, WY) & Carol Watkins (Sheridan, WY), 27 crappie in one day including a 13 and a 13 ¾ inch

Terry Buelow (Hebron, KY), a 36 inch muskie