Fishing report August 20 - 26

Fishing report August 20 - 26

The week starts with Duck Bay Lodge closed for a few days. Our fabulous staff have all been working so hard this summer, and it has been a busy one, that we blocked off a few days for fun. The staff invited their families and friends out to see the resort. We had a big dinner together (pictured above), and then everyone is having a few days off to fish and relax and enjoy Lake of the Woods like our guests do!

Some of the the nice caught this week are:

Cherie Mockler (Hudson, WI), a 25 inch walleye and a 39 inch northern

Jordan Knutson (Racine, WI), her first muskie ever - 43 inches

Brett Knutson (Racine, WI), a 36 ½ inch northern

Jordan and Brett caught these two fish on the first day of their trip, at the very first fishing spot of the day, and at the exact same time. Guide Jimmy netted both fish at the same time. A great start to their trip!

Liz Van Dam (Detroit Lakes, MN), a 22 inch walleye

Deb Pratt (Detroit Lakes, MN), an 18 inch walleye