Fishing report August 5 - 11:

Fishing report August 5 - 11:

Guide Rob Fathers was just demonstrating how a muskie lure worked that his guests Davy & Nick Peterson were interested in. Then three cranks in, this fat 54 inch muskie hit and Davy helped land it.

Other nice fish caught this week are:

Sharon Erhart (Lake Mary, FL), her first muskie - 45 inches; as well 25 ½ & 25 inch walleyes

Matt Stangel (Deerwood, MN), a 14 ½ inch crappie

Diana Shrek (Kewanee, IL), a 46 muskie, 38 inch northern and an 18 inch smallmouth

Duck Bay guide Phoenix Fathers, a 24 inch walleye

Brian Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), a 42 inch northern

Duck Bay guide Kerry Taylor, a 38 inch northern

John Van Cleave (Cincinnati, OH), a 24 inch walleye

Ryan Burt (Madison, WI), a 26 inch walleye

Lowell Weaver (Fort Myers Beach, FL), 45 and 40 inch muskies

Matt Becker (Marco Island, FL), a 14 ½ inch crappie

Tim Weaver (Indianapolis, IN), a 37 inch muskie

Joey Rice (Murray, KY), his first muskie - 37 inches

Wyatt Gerry (Afton, MN), a 47 ½ inch muskie

Don Meyer (Oconomowoc, WI), a 20 inch walleye

Jennifer Hesli (Linwood, MN), an 18 ½ inch smallmouth

Dick Ward (Minneapolis, MN), a 20 ½ inch walleye

Larry Tracy (Danville, IL), an 18 inch smallmouth