Fishing report: August 6 - 12

Fishing report: August 6 - 12

The week has started with very nice and stable weather. Daytime temperatures are in the 70's with a mix of sun and cloud; overnight it is cooling into the 60's. Pictured is Dylan Curme with a 27 inch walleye; in addition Dylan caught a 47 ½ inch muskie and a 37 inch northern. Other nice catches this week are:

Jon Parlier (La Grange, IL), a 24 inch walleye

Tom Moran (Indian Head Park, IL), a 21 inch walleye

Denise Parlier (La Grange, IL), a 20 inch walleye

Marlene Moran (Indian Head Park, IL), a 16 inch crappie

Meredith Taylor (Marietta, GA), 3 northern pike in three consecutive casts

Brent Weaver (Valparaiso, IN), 40 and 35 inch muskies

Glenn Taylor (Marietta, GA), 37 and 32 inch northerns

Dave Curme (Edina, MN), a 38 inch northern

Jim Funk (Fort Myers Beach, FL), a 35 inch muskie and two 32 inch northerns

Tim Weaver (Indianapolis, IN), a 36 inch northern