Fishing report: July 16 - 22

Fishing report: July 16 - 22

Hiding behind his 25 ½ inch walleye is Herb Polachek; a great catch! This week starts out with stable weather and temperatures in the mid-to-high 70's. Water temperature is 72 degrees. Walleyes are on rock points in 20 - 30 feet of water, being caught on ¼ ounce pink and green jigs. Northern pike are on rocky shorelines by entrances to bays, Mepps and spinner baits are working well. Muskies are on rock points; lures in white and orange or black and orange are attracting them. Smallmouth bass are on rock shorelines; crawfish colored baits are productive. Some of the nice fish being caught this week are:

12 year old Jack Abbott (North Richmond Hills, TX), his first muskie ever - 32 inches

Mike Stewart (Bethel, CT), a 46 inch muskie, 36 inch northern and 18 inch smallmouth

Dave Donner (West Hills, CA), 43 and 40 inch muskies and 35 inch northern

Mike Skinner (Irving, TX), a 19 inch smallmouth bass

Brian Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), a 42 and 38 inch muskies and a 40 inch northern

John Van Cleave (Cincinnati, OH), a 47 inch muskie and 37 ½ inch northern

Ben Poblocki (Brookfield, WI), a 40 inch muskie

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 27 inch walleye

John Baeyen (Burnsville, MN), a 19 inch smallmouth and 19 inch walleye

Sam Poblocki (Brookfield, WI), an 18 inch smallmouth

Robert Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), a 39 inch northern pike

Jackie Larson (McGregor, MN), a 25 inch walleye

Trevor Severson (Duluth, MN), a 20 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Trevor, a 21 inch smallmouth

Tom Dunn (Belton, MO), a 41 inch muskie

Mike McGonigle (Leawood, KS), a 40 inch muskie

Eric Norbert (Leawood, KS), 38 and 36 inch northern pike

Ben Poblocki (Brookfield, WI), 37 and 34 inch muskies

Mike Cashen (Kansas City, MO), a 34 inch northern pike

brothers Brad & Dave Gallimore had a 20 inch walleye in their net of fish, but neither could remember who caught that particular one