Fishing report July 28 - August 3

Fishing report July 28 - August 3

Our corporate group Kraus-Anderson Construction Company (Bemidji, MN) has been with Duck Bay Lodge for 22 years. Pictured is the gang toasting (with a rare and expensive whisky) and celebrating the upcoming retirement of Duane Kaiser (pictured in the orange shirt). They are all walleye fishermen, and you can see their biggest fish caught in last weeks' blog.

The week starts out with gorgeous fishing weather - a mix of sun and clouds with light winds. By the next day the high winds we had last week had returned.

This week, some of the nice catches include:

Grandpa Dick Ward, daughter Jennifer Hesli and 9 year old grandson Blake Hesli caught 80 walleyes in one day including 20 & 18 inch by Blake, 20 inch by Jennifer and 17 inch by Dick

Jason Moore (Spencer, IA), a 21 inch walleye

Tim Rice (Staples, MN), a 26 inch walleye

Tim Weaver (Indianapolis, IN), a 36 inch northern and 19 ½ inch smallmouth bass

Joe Meier (Pewaukee, WI), a 19 inch largemouth bass

Will Meier (Pewaukee, WI), 18 and 17 inch walleyes

Duck Bay guide Kerry Taylor, a 47 inch muskie off the dock at Duck Bay

Mike Gold (Staples, MN), a 29 inch walleye

Jeff Baka (Sioux Falls, SD), a FAT 47 inch muskie and a 35 inch northern

Griffin Rushin (Baxter, MN) who had a 40+ muskie in the net before it broke through the bottom; the video was terrific!

Greg Sevison (Goshen, IN), his first muskie ever - 38 inches; as well, a 37 inch and three 33 inch northerns