Fishing report: July 30 - August 5

Fishing report: July 30 - August 5

Pictured is John Van Cleave with a 47 inch muskie; one of two 47 inch muskies caught recently. Temperatures are hot here right now, with the past few days being in the high 80's. It hasn't affected the fishing though. Dick Ward, with daughter Jennifer Hesli and granddaughter Isabella, caught 80 walleyes in one day.

Jeff Baka (Sioux Falls, SD), a 50 inch muskie!

Matt Wagner (Dayton, OH), a 36 ½ inch muskie and 33 inch northern

Brent Weaver (Valparaiso, IN), a 46 inch muskie, two 37 inch muskies, a 19 inch smallmouth and a 31 inch northern

Joe Baka (Sioux Falls, SD), 47 and 33 inch muskies and a 35 ½ inch northern and a 19 inch smallmouth

Jim Funk (Fort Myers Beach, FL), a 37 inch muskie

Dave Baka (Hudson, OH), a 48 inch muskie and a 30 inch northern

Tim Weaver (Indianapolis, IN), a 40 inch muskie and 21 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Bryan Chamber, a 24 inch walleye

Danny Baka (Hudson, OH), a 34 inch northern

Mike Wagner (Dayton, OH), a 30 inch northern

Jim Fankhanel (Bemidji, MN), a 26 ½ inch walleye

Jennifer Hesli (Linwood, MN), a 22 inch walleye

Duane Kaiser (Bemidji, MN), a 20 inch walleye

Steve Hagen (Warroad, MN), 20, 19 and 18 inch walleyes in 3 consecutive casts!