Fishing report: July 9 - 15

Fishing report: July 9 - 15

Because we live here on Lake of the Woods all summer, we take for granted the wonderful wildlife that we see daily. Guests comment most frequently on the large number of bald eagles and get a thrill out of having them follow the boat and swoop down to pick up a small perch nearby. They truly are a majestic bird with their large wing span.

Duck Bay guide fishing report: Walleyes are currently on reefs and humps in 25 - 30 feet of water. Pink, white and orange jigs are working best. Northern pike are in weed beds in 10 feet of water and white and red spinnerbaits are luring them out. Muskies are on the deep end of weed points and suick's and bulldogs and raising them. Nice catches this week are:

Eric Norberg (Leawood, KS), an 18 1/2 inch smallmouth bass

Luke Bachman (Metamora, IL), a 43 ½ inch muskie

Kevin Duffy (Downers Grove, IL), a 42 inch muskie and 25 inch walleye

Tom Dunn (Belton, MO), a 46 inch muskie

Lyle Trautman (Lake Benton, MN), a 26 ½ inch walleye

Jill Podhajsky (Marshalltown, IA), 36 and 33 inch northerns, and a 19 inch walleye. As well Jill had 2 muskies over 40 inches each follow her lure at the exact same time!

Glen Von Bergen (Wallworth, WI), 20, 19 and 18 inch walleyes

Nancy Von Bergen (Wallworth, WI), a 19 inch walleye

Brent Malcom (Edina, MN), a 19 inch walleye