Fishing report June 15 - 22

Fishing report June 15 - 22

John Lohmiller (Crosslake, MN) looks surprised by this monster 52 inch muskie! And he should be! John was fishing for walleyes with 6 pound test and a blue/green jig and the muskie swallowed the walleye he was reeling in. This happened to him a couple years ago, the same scenario with a 49 inch muskie.

Guide report: walleyes are on mid-lake humps in 20-30 feet of water, northern pike are in weedy bays in 4-6 feet of water, muskies are on weed lines and bass are on their spawning beds.

Some of this weeks' nice catches are:

Don Pilkington (Walnut, KS), a 25 inch walleye

Mike McGonigle (Kansas City, MO), a 17 inch smallmouth

Carol Sieliga (Plainfield, IL), a 16 ½ inch smallmouth

Don Chmielewski (Plainfield, IL), a 16 inch smallmouth

Mark Register (Helena, AL), a 19 ¾ inch walleye

Aaron Denning (McKinney, TX), a 38 inch muskie

Chris Vorce (Prosper, TX), a 34 inch northern

David Froesel Sr. (Lakeland Ranch, FL), a 42 inch northern, 22 and 21 inch walleyes and 17 ½ inch smallmouth

Patti Almekinder (Raleigh, NC), a 32 inch northern

David Froesel Jr. (Loveland, OH), a 42 inch muskie and 23 and 22 inch walleyes

Ed Almekinder (Raleigh, NC), a 20 inch walleye

Stan Pehling (Apple Valley, MN), a 24 inch walleye

Dan Polachek (Brooklyn Park, MN) a 40 inch northern

Austin Costanza (Richardson, TX), a 33 inch northern

Duck Bay guide Kerry, a 47 inch muskie

Peter Costanza (South Lake, TX), a 32 inch northern and his first muskie ever - 38 inches

Brian Costanza (Lolleyville, TX), a 22 inch walleye and his first muskie ever - 35 inches

Herb Polachek (Golden Valley, MN), an 18 inch walleye

Peter Costanza (South Lake, TX), a 32 inch northern

Nori Umemoto (San Jose, CA), a 21 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 25 inch walleye

George Glann (Fayetteville, NC), a 16 ½ inch smallmouth bass

Nori Umemoto, Dan & Herb Polachek and Stan Pehling, over 75 walleyes in one day, over 100 the next

Logan Walzer (Lodi, WI), a 42 inch northern

Paige Walzer (Lodi, WI), a 38 ½ inch northern

Gary Olson (Mitchellville, IA), a 34 inch northern

Len Bruno (Kintnersville, PA), a 17 inch smallmouth