Fishing report June 17 - 23:

Fishing report June 17 - 23:

Muskies season is open! And they are active! This week father Anders Olson and son Alex both had a muskie on at the same time. And this happened not once, but twice during the same day!

Pictured is Duck Bay guide Sam Dornian with a 47 inch muskie. Other nice fish being caught this week are:

Larry Olson (St. Cloud, MN), 42 and 39 inch muskies

Gary Olson (Mitchellville, IA), a 42 inch muskie and 19 inch smallmouth bass

Duck Bay guide Kerry Taylor, a 23 inch walleye and 19 inch smallmouth bass

Randy Johnson (Chicago, IL), a 36 inch muskie and 18 inch smallmouth

Bob Downs (Luray, VA) a 34 inch northern and 24 ½ and 24 inch walleyes

Anders Olson (Des Moines, IA), a 34 inch muskie; as well 14 year old son Alex also caught a 34 inch muskie (his 1st ever!) and an 18 inch walleye

Erik Olson (Big Lake, MN), a 41 ½ inch muskie and 26 inch walleye

Herb Polachek (Golden Valley, MN)), a 26 ½ inch walleye

Nori Umemoto (San Jose, CA), a 25 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 28 inch walleye

Rick Gallinger (Regina, SK), a 41 inch muskie (his 2nd ever!) and 34 inch northern

Danny Polachek (St. Paul, MN), 23 and 21 inch walleyes

Bernie Janeczko (Clifton Park, NY), a 49 inch muskie 39 inch northern and 25 ½ inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Sam Dornian, a 26 inch walleye

Bobbi Moran (Omaha, NE), 24 and 23 inch walleyes

Aaron Denning (McKinney, TX), a 23 inch walleye

Doug Barefield (McKinney, TX), 22 and 19 inch walleyes

Jim Blissenbach (Woodbury, MN), a 23 inch walleye

John Licata (Mequon, WI), an 18 inch smallmouth

Jim Licata (Lexington Park, MD), a 34 inch northern of the dock at Duck Bay Lodge