Fishing report June 3 - 9:

Fishing report June 3 - 9:

Fishing report from our guides: walleye are in shallow water, 8-15 feet, on sand and rock; pink or yellow jigs are working well. Northern pike are very shallow, in 6 feet weed beds; Mepps #5 and spinnerbaits are producing. Smallmouth bass are very active and being caught on rocky shoreline, casting a small crank bait up to the shoreline.

Friends Bob, Mary, Pete and Dorea had trouble catching walleyes small enough for shore lunch. Among their nice catches 28, 25, two 24 and a 23 inch walleyes. A good problem to have, right? Some of this weeks other fine catches are:

Randy Koch (Omaha, NE), a 35 ½ inch northern

Mary Jo Koch (Mequon, WI), a 27 inch walleye and a 29 ½ inch northern

Nichole Kahle (Yorkville, IL), 26 ½ and 22 inch walleyes

Caroline Sanazaro (Cuba, MO), an 18 inch walleye

Scott Sullivan (Omaha, NE), a 26 inch walleye and 30 inch northern

Jack Matkey (Valparaiso, IN), a 26 inch walleye

Mike Johnson (Vacaville, CA), a 34 inch silver pike and 26 ½ inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Jimmy, a 25 inch walleye

Matt Kahle (Yorkville, IL), a 27 ½ inch walleye

Jason Webber (Colorado Springs, CO), a 23 inch walleye

Brendon Myers (Monument, CO), a 30 inch northern

Miles Rohr (Saint Joseph, MO), a 17 inch smallmouth bass