Fishing report: June 4 - 10

Fishing report: June 4 - 10

The week starts out with temperatures in the low-to-mid 70's during the day, 60's overnight. And a mix of sun and cloud - perfect fishing weather!

Pictured is Wayne Koch (Mequon, WI) with his 41 inch northern pike, the largest caught so far this year. Some of the nice catches this week are:

Randy Koch (Omaha, NE), 26 and 25 inch walleyes

Gary Olson (Mitchellville, IA), 26 and 24 inch walleyes

Scott Cooney (Omaha, NE), a 16 inch smallmouth

Jack Matkey (Valparaiso, IN), a 25 ½ inch walleye; as well 22 ½ and 21 ½ inch walleyes in two consecutive casts!

John Geshkewich (Wilmette, IL), a 23 ½ inch walleye

Erik Olson (Big Lake, MN), a 24 inch walleye

Anders Olson (Des Moines, IA), a 37 inch northern

Mark Quandahl (Omaha, NE), a 24 inch walleye

Don Putman (Clinton, IA), a 24 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Jimmy, a 25 ½ inch walleye

Greg Doerfler (Winfield, IL), 19 ½ and 19 inch smallmouth bass

Richard Rausenberger (Clinton, IA), 18 ½ inch smallmouth

Rob Jacobs (Chicago, IL), 17 ½ and 17 inch smallmouth bass