Fishing report: September 18 - 24

Fishing report: September 18 - 24

Can you even imagine a more gorgeous sunrise? This picture taken by our Lake of the Woods neighbor and friends Christine & Glenn Straight.

Our trees are turning a bit more golden each day; a very beautiful sign of fall. The temperatures are still comfortable - low 70's and high 60's during the day and low 60's and high 50's overnight.

During one extremely windy day, all the guests chose to remain in camp except for Phil Sobol and Dwayne Gunter with guide Dave. It turned out to be a very active walleye day. They returned part way through the afternoon, everyone thought they were sick of fighting the wind, but actually they needed more minnows, and they promptly went back out again. In all, they caught over 60 walleyes, many of them over 18 inches. The largest was 24 inches caught by Phil.

Some of the other nice fish being caught this week are:

Don Falk (Albert Lea, MN), a 24 inch walleye; one of over 100 caught by himself and friends Milt Tostrud and Dave Anderson in one day with guide Trevor

Tom Hurley (Edina, MN), a 4 pound smallmouth

Don Pannier (Geneva, IL), 22 ½, 21 ½ and 21 inch walleyes

Duck Bay guide Dave Geving, a 20 inch walleye

Phil Sobol (Nolensville, TN), a 40 inch northern

Dwayne Gunter (Franklin, TN), a 37 ½ inch northern

Dixie Boring (Brainerd, MN), 40 and 36 inch northern

Ross Boring (Brainerd, MN), a 39 inch northern

Duck Bay guide Jimmy Van Gorp, 26 and 20 inch walleyes

Phillip Driver (La Quinta, CA), 39 ½ and 36 inch muskies and a 31 ½ inch northern

Nori Umemoto (San Jose, CA), a 36 inch northern and 36 inch muskie