Fishing report September 3 - 9

Fishing report September 3 - 9

Pictured is sister and brother Jordan and Brett Knutson. Jordan and Brett caught these two fish on the first day of their trip, at the very first fishing spot of the day, and at the exact same time. Guide Jimmy netted both fish at the same time. A great start to their trip! Jordan has only caught pan fish before, so this 43 inch muskie was quite a thrill. Brett's northern pike is 36 ½ inches. Some of the other nice catches this week are:

Steve Riggs (Cedar Falls, IA), a 23 inch walleye

Janice Riggs (Cedar Falls, IA), a 19 inch walleye

Renae Renstrom (Greenfield, MN), a 31 inch northern and 12 crappies

Ryan Neville (Norwalk, IA), two 37 inch northerns

Jordan Klimes (Willow Springs, IL), a 40 ½ inch muskie and 38 inch northern

George Teach (Olivia, MN), a 38 inch northern

Tyler Klimes (Willow Springs, IL), a 43 inch muskie and 40 and 39 inch northerns

Kerry Klimes (Phoenix, AZ), a 41 inch muskie

Becky Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), a 38 inch northern

Brian Klimes (Willow Springs, IL), 46 ½, 43 and 38 inch muskies

Kody Klimes (Tempe, AZ), a 45 inch muskie on a fly rod!!

Zack Klimes (Willow Springs, IL), a 42 inch muskie