Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We closed Duck Bay for the season on October 1st and moved home earlier this week. It has been a busy week as we've unloaded the trucks and settled back into our home. As we gather with our family today to celebrate Thanksgiving, here are a few things we're grateful for...

- the blessings of family and friends and all the ways they enrich our lives.

- a business that we love and the loyalty and friendship of our guests; THANKS to all who stayed with us this summer!

- a terrific staff; thanks Jimmy, Bill, Trevor, Dave, Rob, Sean, Maddy, Anne-Marie, April, Shamiso, Jessica, Cheryl and Phoenix.

- the simple things in life that, as it turns out, are really the big things in life. Things like good health, beautiful fall colors on the trees, friends dropping in unexpectedly for a visit, crunchy leaves underfoot as we go for a walk on a sunny day, and the anticipation of the day ahead spent with loved ones.