Nice catches at the opening of the season...

Nice catches at the opening of the season...

This is opening week at Duck Bay Lodge. We've had some beautiful sunny days to welcome our first guests of the season. Although our weather was warmer last week with temperatures in the low 70's, temperatures have dropped this week. The daytime high is mid-60's and overnight is still chilly in the 40's. Pack to bring layers if your trip is upcoming. Hoping the weather will stabilize soon!

Some of the nice fish being caught are:

Dave Neumann (Colorado Springs, CO), 28 ½ and 26 ½ inch walleyes and an 18 inch smallmouth bass

Mike Johnson (Vacaville, CA), 24, 23 ½ and 20 ½ inch walleyes

George Glann (Fayetteville, NC), a 32 inch northern

Gary Vargyas (St. Charles, IL), a 26 ½ inch walleye

Alex Vargyas (St. Charles, IL), a 19 inch smallmouth and 33 inch northern

Tony Vargyas (St. Charles, IL), 19 inch smallmouth and 16 inch crappie

John Vargyas (St. Charles, IL), 19 inch largemouth and 16 inch crappie

Debbie Maye (Westport, NY), a 24 ½ inch walleye

Cindy Baudo (Millstadt, IL), a 37 inch northern

Mark Maye (Westport, NY), a 21 ½ inch walleye and 29 inch northern

Tony Baudo (Millstadt, IL), a 34 inch northern

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 24 inch walleye

Rich Deneau (Upland, IN), 19 and 18 ¾ inch smallmouth bass

Roger Erb (South Pasadena, FL), a 20 inch walleye and 31 inch northern

Phil Diederich (Darien, IL), two 24 ½ inch walleye

Bruce Diederich (Wheaton, IL), four 21 inch walleyes (pictured above)