Week ending August 9th

Week ending August 9th

The week again begins with stable summer weather. Daytime temperatures are in the mid to high 70's with overnight temperatures in the low 60's.

Pictured is 8 year old Brady Rushin(with father Chad from Brainerd, MN), with his first muskie - 33 inches, caught last week.

Walleyes are very active this week with many larger ones being caught. Dave and Danny DeAngelo, with guideChris, caught over 30 walleye over 20 inches in one day.

Some of the other nice fish caught this week are:

Isabella Hesli (Linwood, MN), 24 and 21 inch walleyes
Lowell Weaver (Fort Myers Beach, FL), a 38 inch muskie
Rick DeAngelo (Greenville, IL), a 51 inch muskie
Jim Funk (Fort Myers Beach, FL), a 24 inch walleye
Jennifer Hesli (Linwood, MN), a 28 inch walleye
Doug Lindner (Warroad, MN), a 46 inch muskie while walleye fishing with a jig and minnow. Also a 25 inch walleye
Steve Kruse (Sunset Hills, MO), a 37 inch northern
Pat O'Brien (Ballwin, MO), a 23 inch walleye
Dave DeAngelo (Coal City, IL), a 24 inch walleye
Duck Bay guide Bill, a 24 inch walleye
Bob Hamblin (Hayward, WI), 40, 38 and two 34 inch muskies while walleye and northern fishing. Also a 36 inch northern
Chip DeAngelo (Dekalb, IL), 40, 38 and 37 inch muskies
Don Meyer (Ixonia, WI), a 23 inch walleye
Larry Tracy (Danville, IL), a 22 inch walleye
Danny DeAngelo (Belton, MO), a 28 ½ inch walleye and 37 inch northern