Week ending July 25th:

Week ending July 25th:

The week starts out with heavy winds that made fishing a little difficult. By mid-week, the winds have died down and the days are absolutely beautiful. Temperatures are in the high 70's.

Guide fishing report: Walleyes are being found on reefs in 25-35 feet of water; green jigs are working best. Northern pike are on the rocks in 6-10 feet of water in heavy weeds; white spinnerbaits are effective. Muskies are on reefs and rock points; large bucktails are working best.

If you are still considering a trip this year, here are all the dates currently available through to the end of the season; contact us if any are of interest to you:

  • July 25th - 29th
  • anytime from August 19th - September 5th
  • September 8th - 14th
  • anytime from September 16th - 26th

Some of the nice fish being caught are:

  • Jeff Vitense (Sun Prairie, WI), a 36 inch northern
  • Duck Bay guide Sam Dornian, a 25 inch walleye
  • Lou Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), a 30 inch northern
  • John Clark (Oswego, IL), a 29 inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 27 inch walleye
  • Renelle Boucher (Marinette, WI), a 20 inch walleye
  • Mike Flynn (Hillsboro, OR), a 40 inch muskie & 36 inch northern
  • Mary Bennett (Allegan, MI), a 34 inch northern
  • Fred Jorgensen (Oswego, IL), a 31 inch northern
  • Darma Hull (Woodbridge, VA), a 29 inch northern
  • Doug Boucher (Marinette, WI), a 33 inch muskie