Week ending June 13th:

Week ending June 13th:

Large walleyes are being caught in quantity.  Guest Bobbie Moran (Omaha, NE), caught a 25 inch, 24 ½ inch, two 23 inch and a 21 inch walleye in one day.  Along with numerous smaller ones, of course.

The walleyes are being found on rock points in 15 - 25 feet of water.  Pink or red jigs are "hot" right now and for pike, Repps spinners and 5 of diamonds.  The water temperature is around 62 degrees.

Some of this weeks other nice catches are:

  • Jake Heinze (Western Springs, IL), a 4 pound bass
  • Bill Thiel (Naperville, IL), a 21 inch walleye
  • Arnie Shapack (Califon, NJ), a 32 inch northern
  • John Young (Woodridge, IL), a 25 inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Sam, a 27 inch walleye
  • Rudy Zalups (Macon, GA), a 35 inch northern
  • Duck Bay guide Rob, 23 and 22 inch walleyes
  • Jerry Nell (Whitewater, WI), a 25 ½ inch walleye
  • Alexandra Golz (Rosemont, MN), two 22 inch walleyes, a 17 inch smallmouth and a 30 inch northern
  • Craig Golz (Aberdeen, SD), a 24 ½ inch walleye
  • Nelson Chester (Geneva, IL), a 35 inch northern and 23 inch walleye
  • Gene Parker (Naperville, IL) two 24 ½ inch walleye and a 17 inch smallmouth
  • Janet Nell (Whitewater, WI), 24 ½ inch and 22 inch walleyes
  • Delon Barfuss (Marietta, GA), a 25 inch walleye and 36 inch northern
  • Kevin Moran (Omaha, NE), a 23 inch walleye and a 36 inch northern caught on a hot pink jig and minnow while walleye fishing
  • Deven Barfuss (Marietta, GA), a 24 inch walleye and a 37 inch northern
  • Gene Novak (Pittsburgh, PA), a 34 inch northern
  • Natalie Gaull (Minneapolis, MN), a 34 inch northern

To see pictures of some of these catches, check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/duckbaylodge