Week ending June 6th:

Week ending June 6th:

The weather has been typical spring weather lately.  A few nice days followed by a few cooler, cloudier days.  Daytime temperatures are in the 60's and overnight temperatures are in the 40's and 50's.

Walleyes are currently be found in 18 feet of water on rocks and sand.  Northern pike are in weedy bays in 4 - 8 feet of water.  Smallmouth bass are on their beds in the sand.  Water temperature is around 62 degrees.

Some of the nice fish caught this week are:

  • David Muller (Omaha, NE), a 25 inch walleye
  • Gene Novak (Pittsburgh, PA), a 34 inch northern
  • Jacob Muller (Coralville, IA), a 25 inch walleye
  • Rudy Zalups (Macon, GA), a 36 inch northern
  • Dan Muller (Omaha, NE), a 38 inch northern and 23 & 22 inch walleyes
  • Glen Healey (St. Ann, MO), a 25 inch walleye
  • Bruce Diedrich (Wheaton, IL), a 20 inch walleye
  • Steve Donley (Geneva, IL), a 39 ½ inch northern caught on a jig and minnow
  • John Geshkewich (Wilmette, IL), two 22 inch walleyes and a 17 inch smallmouth
  • Scott Hughes (Batavia, IL), a 36 inch northern (pictured above)
  • Phil Diederich (Darien, IL), an 18 ½ inch smallmouth
  • Mike Cigzand (Elgin, IL), a 22 inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, two 22 inch walleyes

To see pictures of some of these catches, check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/duckbaylodge