Week ending September 6th

Week ending September 6th

The fall weather looks to be here to stay. Daytime temperatures are in the high 60's and low 70's and overnight is in the 50's and 60's. If your trip is coming up, pack so you can wear layers.

Guide report:
Walleyes are being caught in 24 - 30 feet of water. Northern pike are in pockets with lily pads and rock and smallmouth bass are being caught on rocky shorelines. Since mid-August crappies have also been caught in large quantity, even on the warm days. Water temperature is 68 degrees.

Pictured at right is Robert Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL) with a 39 ½ inch northern pike.

Some of the nice fish being caught this week are:

Deven Barfuss (Marietta, GA), 36 and 34 inch northerns
Rudy Zalups (Macon, GA), 37 ½ and 35 inch northerns
Delon Barfuss (Marietta, GA), a 38 inch muskie on a rod that was broken in half and duct taped back together
George Van Dam (Detroit Lakes, MN), a 23 ½ inch walleye and 14 3/4 inch crappie
John Walley (Sanibel Island, FL), a 35 ½ inch northern and 41 inch muskie
Tom Walley (Hortonville, WI), 38 and 35 ½ inch northerns and 41 ½ inch muskie
Becky Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), 37 and 35 inch northerns
Lou Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), 36 and 34 inch northerns
Sandy Cross (West Bend, WI), a 49 inch muskie
Matt Walters (Urbandale, IA), a 19 inch walleye
Ben Haugle (Houston, TX), a 19 inch walleye
Duck Bay guide Chris Manley, a 21 inch walleye