What I want for Christmas...

What I want for Christmas...

Tom: a few more grandchildren!

Jimmy: to have a great season with lots of big fish. And if Santa can fit it in, a new snowmobile. Have a great holiday.

Laurie: with all the madness in the world, I really do want Peace on Earth. And, for a stocking stuffer, a big plateful of (guest) Becky Nicpon's fabulous fudge!

April: what I want most is for my whole family to gather, have a nice big Christmas dinner, play games, have lots of laughs, great conversation and just enjoy each others company. And I wish Peace, Health, and Happiness for all!

Sheree: chocolate and books; the two best gifts there are. And for my brother Brent to fully recover from cancer.

Dave: since Santa's not up to speed on parts for old military jeeps, I had to help him out and do the ordering for him. Hope he appreciates the help!