What’s still available for 2021

What’s still available for 2021

After the “stay at home” year that we’ve all just gone through, travel is going to be at an all-time high for 2021. Hope to see you at Duck Bay Lodge!

Let us know if any of the dates listed below will work for you. And please check back regularly. Planning this far out, there will be occasional changes to the schedule as guests, for a variety of reasons, must re-arrange their vacation plans.

Dates currently available:

May 15th - 18th (1 cabin only - cabin 7: sleeps 4)

May 15th - 21st (1 cabin only - cabin 4; sleeps 6)

July 28th - 31st (1 cabin only - cabin 6: sleeps 3) THIS SPACE COULD BE EXTENDED FROM JULY 26TH - 31ST IF YOU DO NOT MIND A CABIN CHANGE

anytime from August 29th - September 7th

anytime from September 10th - October 3rd (only 1-2 cabins available in early dates; more available September 21st on to the end of the season)