Advantages of May & June fishing

Advantages of May & June fishing

Guests often ask "what is the best month to come up?" Every month has its advantages. Early season fishing in late May and throughout June are long-time favorites! The activities of fish will be influenced by water temperature, and early spring provides excellent results. A little frigid water makes for good fishing!

In May, the water is cool as the ice has just gone out. The fish will be feeding aggressively after the long winter. In general, northern pike and bass will be looking for warmer waters, 2 - 6 feet deep, along the shorelines. They gravitate to shallow darker water in narrow bays with rocky areas for their spawning grounds. These types of areas are very abundant in our area. Walleyes open on the third Saturday in May and will be found in sandy bays at this time of year. With water temperatures still cold, you can also fish for crappies.

Wildlife is starting to move, the pelicans return and the eagles and loons are laying their eggs. Hummingbirds usually return to our area about mid-May. Daytime temperatures are starting to warm, but not the hot heat of mid-summer. Trees and the grass are starting to bud and turn green.

In June, water temperatures begin rising. Walleyes will begin moving from the sand to points and reefs. Since muskie is the last fish to spawn, the opener for them is the third Saturday in June. It is likely you'll see some muskie while fishing for other species earlier in the season, as they will be in the same habitat. Bass are catch-and-releases only during June to protect them during their spawn.

Summer solstice is June 21st, so the long days will give you plenty of opportunities for long hours on the water! Later June tends to offer more stable weather, so you may want to consider that in your vacation planning. June is always the first month to sell out; it's prime fishing time and also school has just ended, so kids are available before summer sports start up.