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Lake Of The Woods Walleye Fishing

If you’re considering walleye fishing in Ontario, Canada, you’re in the right place. The walleye has long been a favorite with anglers and is unsurpassed as table fare. It is caught in large numbers from mid-May through October. Walleye move from shallow bays in spring to rocky shores and reefs with cooler water as the summer progresses. Walleye fishing season on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, opens the third Saturday in May, and you’ll find some of the best walleye fishing in Canada there.

There’s a reason why walleye are such a popular choice for anglers. They average between 15 and 27 inches in length and can even reach sizes of more than 30 inches. They’re easily distinguishable due to their dark green coloration on top and gold or white bellies. They also sport a dorsal fin that consists of up to 16 very sharp spines. They usually also feature a white spot on the bottom of their tails as well as a black spot at the base of the dorsal fin. The expert fishing guides here at Duck Bay Lodge know the area and always point you in the right direction to give you the best chance at hauling in a big one. Trusting our experts and our guided walleye fishing trips means you’ll have the most successful experience.

Of course, the time of year you go can have a big influence on your strategy. Take a look at the following paragraphs to get an idea of how you can reel in a bigger catch no matter what season you choose, for the excursion, for walleye fishing in Canada.


For many anglers, fishing for walleye is a rite of spring which makes it a popular time for Lake of the Woods walleye fishing trips. Fish are plentiful at this time of year and are more than willing to bite a variety of offerings. Fishing shallow rocky shorelines in the spring is a prime choice as this is where fish will have spawned and many of these fish will stay in the general vicinity for some time. Be on the lookout for banks that feature a lot of broken rock formations, as these will be the most commonly used areas for spawning. Underneath waterfalls and in fast-moving channels between islands are two other areas where you’ll be more likely to find them. Live-bait rigs or minnow-imitating crankbaits are two top choices, as is the ever-popular jig and minnow. Concentrate on low-light periods for these light-sensitive fish, and do not be afraid to venture out in the evening for some fast action. Cover water to find the fish, and, once found, a change to slower presentation to work the area more thoroughly is all that is needed.


In Canada, walleye fishing trips are often planned for the summer months. Those walleye anglers in the know are aware that green weeds are the key to summer success. Walleye relate to these oxygen-rich plants for the cover they provide and the ambush points they can relate to in order to prey on baitfish. Minnows and perch move out of the shallower waters as the lake gets warmer, which means the walleye follow. Although there may still be some hanging around the shorelines, your best bet when the weather heats up is to move into the deeper areas for the best summer walleye fishing in Ontario. During the dog days of summer, a top approach is to fish the thick weed beds that you encounter on your lake during the hottest and brightest days. Drifting with the wind or using an electric trolling motor will enable you to dunk jigs into any holes and pockets that you may come across. A bucktail jig is the preferred lure for the action it provides and its superb weedlessness. Tipping your jig with a minnow, leach or night crawler may up your odds dramatically. Remember – work your jig slowly and methodically and feel for that light tap or thud to signify the hit of a walleye.


Fall time is an angler’s best chance at catching monster trophy walleye. As the water cools, fish begin to put on the feedbag and can be located in typical areas throughout a body of water. Head to points and humps on the main lake to find concentrations of big females and aggressive males. You’ll just need to be careful because even larger fish are sure to follow the walleye into these shallower waters. You’ll be competing with these just as much as your fellow anglers. For the more adventurous, trolling and casting minnow baits during the twilight hours is a sure way to bag a bunch. Choose long, slender baits with rattles intact to score on these hungry fall fish. Trolling presentations are best presented slow in these cold-water situations and the application of scent is a triggering device that will definitely up your odds.


Best Fishing Method:

  • Jigging using 6 – 10 pound test line

Natural Baits:

  • Minnows
  • Leaches
  • Night crawlers

Article above courtesy of OntarioAngler.net

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