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Lake Of The Woods Pike Fishing

Planning on Canada pike fishing this summer? Then you’ll love what Lake of the Woods Ontario has to offer. The water surrounding Duck Bay Lodge in Sabaskong Bay is relatively dark and shallow; it is one of the first areas that the ice goes out in spring and offers the best northern pike fishing in Canada. Northern pike attains its great size in our clean, unpolluted waters. Caught in shallow weedy bays in early season, these lunkers are to be found in deeper waters as the weather gets hotter.

As one of the best spots in Canada for pike fishing, Lake of the Woods is a go-to destination for finding the biggest fish. Our expert fishing guides know these waters inside and out, and paired with the strategies on this page you should be in good shape to land a great catch and experience the trip of a lifetime. The approach you take for pike fishing in Ontario should match the season, so keep reading to learn more about the keys you need to know for catching these monsters based on the time of year. If you really want to make the most of your time with us, this advice will be your formula for success.


Spring offers some of the best pike fishing in Ontario. Northern pike have long been the favorite of the sport fisherman due to its large size and fierce disposition, as well as its excellent table qualities. Hard fights, big splashes and huge trophy fish can lead to some exciting days spent on the water. Shallow water is the key component to search out when looking for spring pike in any lake system. This is because they prefer to lay their eggs near fresh vegetation, where they will stick more successfully. Look for newly flooded areas with muddy bottoms for the best luck. If you want to know the trick to northern pike fishing in Canada, you need to stick close to these spawning areas, where they will be most aggressive with their feeding. Fish will be fresh off the spawn and they will have an appetite, so here’s what to feed them. The top three lure choices for spring pike are big, flashy spinnerbaits, noisy buzzbaits and sparkling spoons. Cast these baits into prime shallow areas and be prepared to hang on tight. Some areas to keep in mind are shallow, sandy back bays, reed beds and the edges of lily pads and slop. Speed will be a triggering mechanism, so keep those baits moving fast and erratically. Following these tips will ensure you have the best time during your guided pike fishing trip to Lake of the Woods at Duck Bay Lodge.


A large percentage of pike will relate to shallow water in the summer, but they will seek the shade and comfort that weed and pad beds provide. As they are an ambush predator, northern pike will set up on the edges of weedlines and tight into weed beds and wait for their prey to swim by. Cast adjacent to these fish-holding structures and work your bait quickly and thoroughly alongside any prime areas you come across. Some fish may also seek deeper water during the hot summer months, but these fish will also be keying in on green weed for the benefits it provides. Larger trophy pike typically feed on larger bait when they’re in deep water. This is why you should make sure you’re always carrying sufficiently large bait when fishing for pike during the summer. A new lure to add to your arsenal during the summer months is a large minnowbait. These lures mimic the prey that the pike are feeding on, and are tops when it comes to triggering a hungry pike. Try either the suspending or the regular models to see which works best in your body of water.


Fall time is trolling time for big northern pike, and this is your best way to access these fish as they prepare for the fast-approaching winter months. Fish will be deeper during the fall and can also be found suspended over very deep water. If you can find baitfish in the fall, then you will undoubtedly find yourself in northern pike territory. Pike follow the schools of baitfish around like clockwork, and anglers in the know will use this to their advantage. The rule of thumb during these cooler months is large crankbaits and spoons trolled relatively fast behind the boat. Matching the colour of your lure to the species of prey that they are feeding on will up your odds dramatically. Mimicking the baitfish by matching size, action and colour will stack the odds in your favour to hook that giant trophy fish of a lifetime.


Best Fishing Method:

  • Casting or spin casting using 8 – 14 pound test line

Other Recommended Tackle:

  • Five of diamonds
  • Spinner baits
  • Large Daredevle
  • Bucktails
  • Suick
  • Mepps number 5
  • Red eye spoons

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