Lake Of The Woods Musky Fishing

Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods offers one of the finest Canadian muskie fishing areas in the world and is well known among muskie enthusiasts. Its darker water gives the perfect presentation, increasing the chances of catching that trophy fish. Due to Lake of the Woods having one of the highest muskie minimum lengths anywhere, the fish are large. Every season offers the chance for a trophy fish!

Lake of the Woods muskie fishing season opens the third Saturday in June; minimum length is 54 inches.

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What You Need To Know About Catching Muskie

Even though their ferocity and cunning make them a challenge for even experienced anglers, muskies are not as tough to reel in as you might believe. Armed with the right know-how, you can make the most of your musky fishing in Ontario.

Catching Muskie In The Spring

Muskie season in the province begins on the third Saturday of June. Starting early could increase your chance of catching big numbers of high-quality fish.

Where you’ll find muskie at Ontario’s Lake of the Woods:

  • Weedy bays and shorelines

Because the muskies enjoy relatively shallow water, these areas are some of the best Lake of the Woods muskie spots during the spring. Thick, healthy weeds are ideal locations for muskies to stalk and ambush their prey. Be sure to target bays and shorelines for the best catch.


  • When choosing bait, spinnerbaits, bucktails and crankbaits tend to be the most successful in the spring. Start with “bass size” baits for the best results.
  • In early spring the musky hunts smaller fish for its food supply, which is why you want to keep your bait small. Anything in the three- to five-inch range will be most appealing to the fish.
  • After casting your bait, be sure to keep it moving quickly in a figure-eight motion. This mimics the activity of the musky’s favorite prey.

Catching Muskie In The Summer

As the weather warms, muskies move out of the shallows. This means the deeper waters of the Lake of the Woods are some of the best places for musky fishing in Canada during the summer. The bigger specimens will be over the deepest parts of the water, which means you might want to consider trolling to nab them faster and cover more surface area. Although not everyone has the patience for this technique, those who are willing to tough it out could cash in big time.

  • Trolling for muskies in the summer works well near rocky points, sharp break-lines and underwater humps. Change up the color of your lure and vary the depths to experience the best chance of success.


Continue to move your baits quickly, as you did in the spring, but now select a bait between six to 10 inches. Entice the fish by increasing your trolling speed.

One trick to remember is to keep your lures on a short line directly in the prop wash of your motor. This works especially well in shallow waters with plenty of weeds growing along the shoreline.

Fall Muskie Fishing

The autumn months bring some of the best muskie fishing in Ontario. That’s because these fish are at their biggest and easiest to catch right before winter. They put on extra weight and start to slow down just enough to make catching them that much less of a chore.


  • At this point, you’ll want large, sturdy jerkbaits. These will be big enough to make the muskie take notice and slow enough to look especially appealing.
  • To catch these behemoths of the lake, use at least an 8-inch jerkbait. It wouldn’t hurt to go up to 12 inches, however.

Where to find muskie in the fall and the bait to use:

  • If you’re casting, stay in waters that are between six and 12 feet deep, plenty of green weeds. Anything deeper will call for trolling.
  • When choosing your baits, natural colors will work best at this time of year. Make sure your hooks are as sharp as possible, too.
  • The success of your fishing adventure depends on robust tackle — these fish are giants. Wire leaders are a must if you want to get the best haul.

Best Fishing Tips For Catching Muskie

Best Fishing Method:

  • Casting

Other Recommended Tackle for Muskie:

  • Crankbaits
  • Jerkbaits
  • Bucktails
  • Suicks
  • Reef haugs
  • Rapalas
  • Haug wobblers
  • Mepps
  • Red eye spoons
  • Large spoons
  • Cherry bombs

Ontario is home to some of the largest muskies in North America, and they’re among the top predators in Lake of the Woods. That means anglers will have the ultimate experience when they come to Duck Bay Lodge for a muskie fishing trip. There’s no better place to test the waters and your skill than right here. Our musky fishing guides are here to prepare you and show you the best spots so you can take on one of these beasts!

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