Lake Trout Fishing In Canada

Fishing For Lake Trout On Lake Of The Woods, Ontario


Lake of the Woods lake trout fishing is a great way to add variety to your Canadian fishing vacation. Located primarily in Whitefish Bay, they are only minutes away from Duck Bay Lodge. In spring, trout are found in relatively shallow water, usually in depths of 30 feet or less. As the summer progresses, the trout move into deeper water; depths of 100 feet or more are common. Fishing for lake trout on Lake of the Woods opens on January 1st and closes on September 30th.


For those bodies of water that hold lake trout, the spring time is the one chance you have to hook up with fish without using downriggers or sophisticated equipment. Early in the year, lakers can be found high in the water column, allowing anglers to flat line their baits for superb action. Minnowbaits and spoons are the two top choices for catching these fish, but they must be trolled with a considerable amount of line behind the boat. Since the fish are high in the water column, they can also be spooky, so a quiet approach with long leads will help to trick these wonderful fish. White and silver are sure bets to fool lake trout, as they will match precisely the baitfish that the fish will be feeding on.


“Down deep” is the summer phrase for lake trout anglers, as the fish sulk to the bottom in search of cooler temperatures and baitfish. Now is the time to dig out the downriggers and troll the depths for success. Keeping your bait as close to bottom will often be the key, as will working areas of different depths and structure make-up to find out where the fish are hiding. Lake trout will often show up on fishfinders as large marking directly on or near the bottom. When you want great results from your summer lake trout fishing, putting a big spoon or crankbait as close as possible to these fish will trigger them to hit.


Fall is a movement time for lake trout and they will begin to suspend more readily and occasionally move higher up in the water column. River mouths and break walls can also hold fish at this time of year, and shore anglers may be able to take part in the action during early morning or late evening hours. Downrigging will still be your best, however, dragging lures at different depths will be the key to finding fish. Run a bait shallow, mid-depth and deep and see which one connects with fish. Paying attention to this “magic depth” will help you to limit out when others might not.


Best Fishing Methods:

  • In spring, use ciscoes on plain hooks, mostly fishing from shore
  • In summer, use a 2-ounce bucktail jig to get the bait to the bottom. As soon as it hits the bottom, start reeling up; the fish will hit the lure on the way up

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