What To Pack For Your Canadian Fishing Adventure At Duck Bay Lodge

What To Pack For Your Canadian Fishing Adventure At Duck Bay Lodge

You’ve booked your reservation for a fun and exciting Canadian fishing adventure on the vast and beautiful Lake of the Woods in Ontario. You’re looking forward to having the time of your life exploring the hidden wonders of the lake, catching your limit of a wide variety of sport fish, and sharing camaraderie and good times with your fishing buddies.

Now you’re in the planning stage, and you should know that preparation is key to any successful expedition. Through many years of experience hosting fishing adventures here at Duck Bay Lodge, we’ve learned a thing or two about what you should bring on a trip. Here is a list of essentials to get you started.

Clothing and Footwear

  • Rain gear. This is probably the most important piece of fishing apparel you’ll have in your possession. Although you’ll likely encounter fair and mild weather, don’t get caught off guard if the skies open. Fishing in the rain can be quite enjoyable if you’re ready for it. You’ll want to have a high-quality, breathable rain suit.
  • Tennis shoes and hiking boots. On nice days you’ll want to be comfortable while in the boat or just hanging at the cabin. You’ll be on Hay Island, a beautiful 600-acre nature preserve, so you’ll probably want to take a break from the water to explore.
  • Brimmed hat or ball cap. The sun can beat down in the warm months, thus making protection for your head, face and ears essential. And don’t forget your sunscreen, bug repellent and sunglasses!
  • Warm clothing. Though it’s fairly warm here during fishing season, you never know when there might be a cold snap, especially in spring and fall. Layering is essential so bring a sweatshirt or heavy sweater, jacket and gloves, and a wool cap just to be safe.
  • General camping and fishing clothing. You will want a couple pairs of comfortable pants, shorts, swimsuit, underwear and socks, appropriate shirts and a few changes of each. Your favorite pajamas and slippers might be in order, too.

Fishing Gear

  • Fishing poles. Ideally you should bring three; one should be 66 inches or longer, medium-heavy action, with 20 to 50 pound braided line (power pro) for casting or trolling. The others could be lighter action for vertical jigging and for casting smaller baits.
  • Reels. A medium-weight spinning reel (2500 or 3000 series) for each heavier rod, one with 8-pound line for casting or spinning, the other with 10 or 12 pound line for trolling; 4 to 6 pound line on the light spinning reel (1000 to 2500 series). Bring extra spools of line.
  • Lures. Walleyes will be caught on lead jigs, 1/4 & 3/8 ounce, in an assortment of colors. Additionally, Mepps 5 and 6 spinnerbaits in different colors are great for northern pike. Old time favorites are 5 of diamonds spoons, as well as dardevles. Crank baits that dive 4-6 feet and 6-10 feet are also popular in crayfish color. Other common baits are walley divers, reef runners and rapalas. Toothy fish like northerns will need you to use a leader; use steel or fluorocarbon leaders 9-12 inches for casting and 18-36 inches for trolling.
  • Other types of fishing gear. A jaw spreader, pliers for hook removal and filet knife will be useful. And don’t forget a fabric measuring tape for measuring the girth and length of your trophy fish!

What Not To Bring

  • Duck Bay Lodge supplies 18-foot Lund boats with a trolling motor and depth finder and fully equipped with padded pedestal seats, life vests and landing nets; no need to bring these items with you. The cabin also will have everything you need; blankets, bedding, linens and towels — so no need to lug any of this with you.
  • Items you are not allowed to bring into Canada: Live bait such as minnows and leeches, and handguns or any type of unregistered firearm.

You can always adjust this list based on your activities and species you’ll be fishing, but this is a good guide with which to start. If you have questions about preparing for your fishing adventure, don’t hesitate to contact Duck Bay Lodge for assistance.