Beginning of the 2018 season

Beginning of the 2018 season

Guests began arriving Thursday May 24th. The 2018 season has begun. Having very weird weather this spring - temperatures went straight from the 40's and 50's to the 80's, then late this week, back to the 50's and 60's. Having some spectacular thunderstorms overnight but the days are mix of sun and cloud and very beautiful. If your trip is upcoming, you'd best pack for layers!

Here is what is being caught so far:

Dick Muller (Omaha, NE), a 36 inch northern

Jack Muller (Iowa City, IA), a 23 ½ inch walleye

Winchester Falbe (Centralia, IL), a 30 inch walleye (biggest of the year so far) and a 17 inch smallmouth

Travis Quigg (Urbana, IL), a 35 inch northern (biggest of the year so far) and a 25 inch walleye

Dick Falbe (Carlyle, IL), a 24 inch walleye and 17 ½ inch smallmouth

Tom Muller (Fairmont, MN), a 23 ½ inch walleye

Devon Barfuss (Marietta, GA), an 18 ½ inch smallmouth

Dan Muller (Omaha, NE), an 18 inch smallmouth bass

David Muller (Omaha, NE), a 29 ½ inch northern on a jig, minnow and light rod; gave a good fight

Vic Carosella (Mooresville, NC), on his last day of fishing, had what he described as his personal best day of fishing ever; caught, among other things, 34 northern pike

George Van Dam (Detroit Lakes, MN), 23 ½, 22, 20 and 18 ½ inch walleyes

Rick Deneau (Upland, IN), 26 ½, 25, 23 and 19 inch walleyes; as well a 19 inch smallmouth bass

Andy Van Dam (Detroit Lakes, WI), 22 and 20 inch walleye

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 27 ½ inch walleye

Roger Erb & Rick Deneau with guide Bill, over 100 smallmouth bass in one day; another day over 50 northern pike

Vic Carosella (Mooresville, NC), a 22 inch walleye and 31 ½ inch northern pike

Erika Kortes & Mark Bieda (Cavalier, ND), each a 34 inch northern pike

Daniel Larson (Wisconsin Rapids, WI), a 30 inch northern pike

Chuck Welliver (Scottsdale, AZ), a 23 ½ inch walleye and 17 inch smallmouth bass