Fishing report: August 21 - 27

Fishing report: August 21 - 27

Pictured is Tim Weaver with his nice muskie catch - 46 inches.

The weather is turning to fall temperatures, and the fish are also going into fall patterns. Overnight temperatures are dropping into the low 60's and even dipping into the 50's. Daytime temperatures are in the low 70's. If your trip is upcoming, you will want to pack to wear layers.

Guide report:

Walleyes are in fall patterns and are in 26 - 30 feet of water near weeds or water with current. ¼ ounce jigs in orange and pink are working well. Northern pike are on rock shorelines leading into weedy bays and the hot bait is #5 or #6 Mepps. Muskies are on rock reefs leading into deep water; bulldogs and crank baits in orange/black are bringing them in.

Some of the nice fish being caught are:

Chip DeAngelo (DeKalb, IL), 45, two 41, 40, 37 and a 35 inch muskie

Dave DeAngelo (Coal City, IL), 38 and 37 inch muskies and a 36 inch northern pike; as well, a 30 inch muskie on a jig and minnow while walleye fishing

Danny DeAngelo (Belton, MO), a 41 inch muskie

John Wrucke (Green Valley, AZ) a 17 ¼ inch smallmouth

Brian Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), 42 and 39 inch northern pike

John Van Cleave (Cincinnati, OH), 39 and 36 inch northern pike and a 22 inch walleye

John Nord (Racine, WI), two 18 inch walleyes

Robert Van Cleave (Winnetka, IL), 37 ½ and 37 inch northern pike and a 22 inch walleye

Terry Buelow (Hebron, KY), his first muskie ever - 44 ½ inches

Rick DeAngelo (Greenville, IL), 45, 41 ½, two 38 and a 36 inch muskie and a 36 inch northern pike

Eric Schaaf (Sugar Grove, IL), 47 ½, two 45, 39 and 38 inch muskies, 39, 37, 35 and 34 inch northern pike, a 20 ½ inch walleye and 17 ½ and 17 inch smallmouth bass

Kevin Duffy (Downers Grove, IL), 39 and 34 ½ inch muskies and a 34 inch northern pike

10 year old Brady Wendland (Iowa Falls, IA), his first walleye ever - 15 inches and a couple of 13 ½ inch crappies

Myrln Bartling (Iowa Falls, IA), a 17 inch smallmouth

Duck Bay guide Jimmy, a 44 ½ inch muskie