Fishing report June 10 - 16:

Fishing report June 10 - 16:

Quality walleyes are being caught in abundance. Pictured is Scott Sullivan with a 26 inch walleye caught last week.

Fishing report from the Duck Bay guiding staff: walleyes are in 20-22 feet of water on rock ledges, pink and green jigs are working best right now. Pike are being found while trolling near sand bars in 10-15 feet of water. Smallmouth bass are being found on rocks around sandy areas and rattle traps are working. Some of the nice fish being caught this week are:

Mark Register (Helena, AL), 22 ½ and 19 inch walleyes

David Sirna (Overland Park, KS), a 22 inch walleye

Bernie Janeczko (Clifton Park, NY), a 25 ½ inch walleye and 39 inch northern

Aaron Denning (McKinney, TX), a 20 inch walleye

Alexandra Golz (Aberdeen, SD), 26 ½ and 24 inch walleyes (among 50 walleyes caught in one day with dad Nick and grandpa Craig); as well, a 17 ½ inch smallmouth

George Glann (Fayetteville, NC), a 36 inch northern

Alex Glann (Runnell, IA), a 39 inch northern and 20 ½ inch walleye

Craig Golz (Aberdeen, SD), 23 and 21 inch walleyes

Nick Golz (Aberdeen, SD), a 22 inch walleye and 18 inch smallmouth

Alexandra Golz (Aberdeen, SD), a 17 ½ inch smallmouth

Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 24 inch walleye

Katie Catton (Maple Grove, MN), a 21 ½ inch walleye

Sannah Lohmiller (Crosslake, MN), a 22 inch walleye

Morgan Lohmiller (Crosslake, MN), a 23 inch walleye

Emily Wirth (Maple Grove, MN), a 19 inch walleye