Week ending August 1st

Week ending August 1st

The week starts out with very hot weather; most days are in the high 80's and low 90's with a lot of sunshine. There are a lot of sunburned faces around here!

Guide fishing report: Walleyes are being found on reefs and rock shelfs in 20-30 feet of water; chartreuse jigs are working best. Northern pike are in deep water/deep weed lines; deep trolling spoons and crankbaits are effective. Muskies are on reefs and rock points in 4-8 feet of water; dark colored bucktails are working best. With this weeks' intense heat and plentiful sunshine, the water temperature is around 80 degrees.

If you are still considering a trip this year, here are all the dates currently available through to the end of the season; contact us if any are of interest to you:

  • anytime from August 16th - September 5th
  • September 8th - 14th
  • September 16th - 19th
  • anytime from September 21st - 26th

Some of the nice fish being caught this week are:

  • Bob Olivia (Geneva, IL), 47 ½ and 40 inch muskie
  • Duane Kaiser (Bemidji, MN), a 24 ½ inch walleye
  • Doug Gish (Bemidji, MN), a 21 ½ inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 26 ½ inch walleye
  • Don Winn (Kankakee, IL), a 32 inch northern and 32 inch muskie
  • Jim Brower (Elmhurst, IL), 38, 33 and 32 inch muskies
  • Lou Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), a 21 inch walleye and 18 & 16 inch smallmouth bass
  • Jeff Hemker (Bolingbrook, IL), a 17 smallmouth bass
  • Becky Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), a 16 inch smallmouth bass