Week ending September 12th:

Week ending September 12th:

Most guests get a thrill out of the wildlife they see, whether it is birds or bigger animals. Here is a nice picture of pelicans take by guest Eric Schaaf.

The weather the past week has been unseasonably hot - daytime temperatures are in the mid-80's. Hoping and expecting it will cool down soon!

Some of the nice fish being caught this week are:

  • Jay Beaton (Eden Prairie, MN), 22 and 21 inch walleyes; as well a 40 inch muskie - his first ever
  • Tom Hurley (Edina, MN), a 38 inch muskie off the dock at Duck Bay
  • Nathan Szymanski (Bolingbrook, IL), 35 and 30 inch northerns and 23 inch walleye
  • Bill Senner (Appleton, WI), a 26 inch walleye
  • Sarah Szymanski (Bolingbrook, IL), two 25 inch walleyes and a 35 inch muskie - her first muskie ever!
  • Betsy Ellis (Tyler, TX), a 23 inch walleye
  • Elmer Ellis (Tyler, TX), a 24 inch walleye
  • Stan Pehling (Apple Valley, MN), 24 ½ and 23 inch walleyes
  • Andrew Zarcone (Arlington Heights, IL), three 30 inch northerns
  • Greg Briggs (North Aurora, IL), a 31 inch muskie off the dock at Duck Bay
  • Don Pannier (Geneva, IL), a 33 inch northern
  • Becky Nicpon (Bolingbrook, IL), a 19 inch smallmouth
  • Duck Bay guide Dan, a 25 inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Jimmy, a 44 inch muskie
  • Duck Bay guide Sam, an 18 inch perch

If you are still considering a trip this year, here are all the dates currently available through to the end of the season; contact us if any are of interest to you:

  • September 15th - 19th
  • September 21st - 26th