Week ending September 26th:

Week ending September 26th:

A rare sighting of a large buck swimming between islands on Lake of the Woods. Photo taken by Duck Bay guide Jimmy Van Gorp.

This is our last week of the 2015 season. Fall is my favorite time of year; I am sad to see the end of the season arrive so quickly! The days have been warm - 60's and 70's - and cooling overnight. There is a lot of beautiful golden leaves in the landscape.

Fishing is very active with a lot of walleyes and crappies being caught. David Duncan and Jeff Knutson caught over 110 fish in one day.

Some of the nice fish being caught are:

  • Ken Gregie (Bloomingdale, IL), a 36 inch northern
  • Gary Olson (Mitchellville, IA), a 34 ½ inch northern
  • Larry Olson (St. Cloud, MN), a 35 inch northern
  • Harold Heather (Genoa, IL), two 20 inch walleyes
  • Duck Bay guide Bill Luney, a 40 inch muskie on 4 pound test line
  • Nancy & Rick Vyskocil (Dent, MN), two 20 inch and a 19 inch walleye
  • Bob Wahlbeck (Land O Lakes, WI) and Ken Gregie (Bloomingdale, IL), four 20 inch walleyes
  • Bruce Wasson (Yorkville, IL), a 40 inch muskie, 19 inch largemouth bass and 24 inch walleye
  • Duck Bay guide Trevor, a 23 inch walleye
  • Fred Rushin (Elk River, MN), an 18 inch walleye
  • Mark Edwards (Union Grove, WI), 36 and 30 inch northerns and a 23 inch walleye
  • Jeff Knutson (Union Grove, WI), a 30 inch northern